What we need to remember is that Richmond Hill is not the city of Toronto. And our goal as a municipality should not be to copy everything the City of Toronto does. Richmond Hill is not a place for skyscrapers or extremely high density. I recognize that we can’t have housing affordability if we refuse to build in the city, but we need to ensure that these developments happen with the residents' interests in mind. These developments can't come at the expense of our residents. Building highrises in tight-knit communities that would suffer from the almost endless noise from construction and which do not have the public infrastructure for a huge influx of people is not a proper solution to fix the housing supply. There are a plethora of developments which have already been approved to be built. We need to ensure that those developments progress before we approve more developments. We also need to move from approving high density developments to medium density ones. There is a shockingly little amount of medium density housing proposals which would increase the housing supply while putting much less strain on our public infrastructure compared to high density housing. Medium density housing is a fair compromise between high rises and urban sprawl. Developing medium density housing will help build affordable housing while retaining the aesthetic of our communities.