Democracy works if our representatives let it work. Municipalities are the closest level of government to the people they work for. They are not politicians that serve in a distant capital. They work, make changes and govern in our communities. Therefore they need to be accountable to the communities and residents they were elected to represent.

If elected to City Council, I pledge to be accountable to the residents of ward 5. This not only means responding to the calls and emails of residents in a timely manner, but actively engaging and involving the residents in the decision making process. The job of a councillor is not to make decisions unilaterally. The job of a councillor is to ensure that to voice and interests of the residents are heard in the municipal decision making process.  Some concrete steps are organizing town halls so residents can voice their concerns, creating online surveys to gage the support for initiatives, and one on one conversations with residents who may be directly impacted by a decision made by city council. These steps will increase accountability and increase public engagement.