The residents of Richmond Hill and ward 5 are struggling with the increased cost of living. With inflation rising and wages staying the same, families have to endure more and more financial pressure. Although the issue of inflation and low wages unfortunately can’t be solved on the municipal level, the city should not add more economic burdens onto residents. The city must ensure that increases on property taxes never exceed the rate of inflation. This will hopefully lead to some economic relief for the residents of the city.

In addition, the lack of well paying jobs in our city is causing more and more of our residents to seek employment outside of our city. An increase in commuters in Richmond Hill will lead to more congestion on major roads like Yonge street, Major Mackenzie, and Bathurst. We also risk losing Richmond Hills talented and bright individuals who are seeking fulfilling employment. More local, and fulfilling work will keep our streets flowing smoothly and our economy thriving.